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Mindful Leadership

To Be Present is a Gift

Being present is the starting point of being a Mindful leader. Essentially this means being in the present moment regardless of circumstances.  Most people are locked in their minds and unable to give full attention to what’s happening right now.  They are either reliving the past, wishing it had been different, or experiencing anxiety about the future, worrying about what might be. But both of these waste time and energy.

In fact, being present is the greatest gift you can give another person.  When you are right here right now, you see things for what they really are.  Often the reason we leave the present moment is because we have a disagreement with it, we are not okay with what is.  We would prefer that it be another way.  This resistance, or lack of equanimity with the present moment, leads to problems for us and others.

But the reality is that life only happens right now.  If you are not present, you have missed life and will never recapture that loss.  Inattention can mean you miss hearing what was said at a meeting or seeing the expression on the face of someone you love.  And like every skill, the less we practise it, the less we are able to do it; to the point where there comes a time where we can not have presence of mind despite our efforts.

But when we are present with another person or with any situation, something magical happens.  Suddenly opportunities open up and we see possibilities that may have seemed impossible.

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