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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Being Aware Means Being Awake in the Moment

Being aware has many layers, but it begins with being self aware.  This implies that you are aware of your thoughts and feelings moment by moment.  You are aware of how different people and situations affect you.  You are aware … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Stay Open to the Discomfort to Stay in the Present Moment

As you move through your day whether in a meeting, hearing the news, having a conversation at home or at work, notice when a thought enters your mind that says, “I don’t want to be here”; “I am wasting my … Continue reading

To Be Present Is to Open Your Heart to Everything

Being present has many layers.  In last week’s blog I mentioned that as a Mindful leader it means being present regardless of circumstances – being right here, right now.  And with more concentration, clarity and equanimity, you can go a … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Train Your Mind to Be Present with Every Interaction

When you are present, you are able to have mindful interactions throughout your day, which are critical to your success as a leader. People look to see if their leaders are truly there or just faking it.  When you are … Continue reading

To Be Present is a Gift

Being present is the starting point of being a Mindful leader. Essentially this means being in the present moment regardless of circumstances.  Most people are locked in their minds and unable to give full attention to what’s happening right now.  … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – To Discover Your Purpose, Reflect on What Gives You Great Joy

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Discovering your life purpose is a process.  It is a process of self discovery.  You need to get to know yourself intimately.  In so doing you will discover your unique gifts and how to best share them in the world.  … Continue reading

Discovering Your Life Purpose

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As human beings we are constantly asking questions. One of the deepest questions we ask is, “What is my life purpose?”  At the root of it, we want to know why we are here.  We want to know that all … Continue reading