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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hindrance #5: Does Your Pride Ever Get in the Way?

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Pride manifests in two ways — as superior and inferior pride. Superior pride says, “I am better than you,” while inferior pride says, “You are better than me.” Those with superior pride need to win all the time in order … Continue reading

Hindrance #4: Do You Ever Experience Envy or Jealousy?

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Envy and jealousy often manifest themselves through spending beyond your means in order to buy another company, another building, a new computer system, a larger home, a boat, another car, et cetera. A leader could become envious that a leader … Continue reading

Hindrance #3: Do You Ever Experience Ignorance, Confusion, Delusion?

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Together these three represent one hindrance. This hindrance is characterized by not seeing reality for what it is. Most people realize that they don’t know what they don’t know. However, people suffering with this hindrance believe they do know it … Continue reading

Hindrance #2: Do You Experience Aversion?

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Aversion is the fear of losing what you have, including market standing, material goods, financial resources, social position and status, and even an argument. You become so fearful of loss that you make poor decisions.  As a leader, your aversion … Continue reading