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Monthly Archives: June 2016

We Have the Freedom to Choose Our Attitude

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Every day carries with it its hardships, its struggles, its aspirations, and its joys.  It all depends how we choose to look at it, and what we wish to embrace, moment by moment.  There is so much over which we … Continue reading

The Power of Kindness

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Far from being a sign of weakness or poor leadership, kindness carries with it a great strength.  There is a gentleness to kindness.  It comes from a place of stillness, inner quiet and confidence.  Kindness has the power to change … Continue reading

Purification Requires “Grit”

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As we become more Mindful, we also become aware of our negative patterns.  Essentially, these are behaviours or habits that hold us back, get us into trouble, cause us to struggle, and become impediments to our happiness and effectiveness.  If … Continue reading