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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Mindful Leadership Entails Balancing the Long and Short Term

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Mindful leadership entails balancing the long and short terms and compromising neither. To make a decision that is beneficial in the short term, but which will compromise the long term, can cause your business to fail. On the other hand, … Continue reading

A Matrix Organization Requires Mindful Leadership

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A matrix structure is very common and very few organization can pull it off. The common complaints range from no true ownership of the work being done and, therefore, no work satisfaction, to, too many bosses that can never be … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership – Tip: To Be Fully Alive You Must Be Present

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To be present is to be right here, right now. The importance of being present can not be overstated. The present moment is all we ever have and ever have had. The quote below says it succinctly and beautifully: “There … Continue reading