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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Key to Success in Negotiation, Part 2

The second necessary ingredient for a successful negotiation is that the deal be win-win. What I mean by that is that you go into negotiation with the attitude of mind that the person with whom you are negotiating needs to win as well. … Continue reading

The Key to Success in Negotiation, Part 1

A great deal goes into a successful negotiation. But there are two necessary ingredients above all. In this blog I wish to address one of these. It is “non-attachment”, perhaps the most difficult state to achieve. This, under no circumstance, … Continue reading

Another Look at Equanimity

Equanimity has so many layers and nuances that one can not say enough about it. I mentioned in the blog last week that when we are equanimous, non-attachment occurs naturally. That may require some further elaboration. To be non-attached means … Continue reading

What Does it Mean to Live with Non-Attachment?

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The cartoon below pokes fun at one of the most difficult states to achieve. Thanks to Mary Vachon for sending along the cartoon. Non-attachment is often misunderstood. It does not mean lack of caring or giving up. In fact, it … Continue reading