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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Maintain a Daily Practice to Cultivate a Mindful Life

There is no substitute for a daily Mindfulness practice.  A daily practice enables you to become proficient at the techniques. And this proficiency enables you to more easily be Mindful in your daily life.  The other thing that happens is … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – If You Want the Benefits of a Mindful Life, Make a Commitment to Yourself to Develop a Daily Practice

If you have decided that you aspire to live a Mindful life then commit to yourself to develop a daily practice and to be Mindful in your life.  This will include formally practicing a particular technique or set of techniques … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership Book Launch

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the Book Launch of Mindful Leadership: The 9 Ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself, and Inspiring Others. It will be held on Thursday, March 29th 6:00-7:30pm at Ben MacNally Books.  Below are … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – By Training Yourself to Just Listen, You Develop Clarity

You will find plenty of opportunities to improve your clarity as you move through everyday life. For example, if you are in a meeting, you can choose to work with sight (what you see, such as the person who is … Continue reading

Clarity of Mind Enables Good Judgment and Decision Making

As a leader, it is essential to be clear—clear about your personal purpose, your company’s vision and strategic direction, your motives and intentions, your thoughts and emotions, and your expectations for yourself and others. Essentially, when I talk about clarity, … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Develop Focus by Doing One Thing at a Time

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The ability to focus means you can be in a meeting from beginning to end without losing concentration. It means you are able to stay present when you are having a conversation or negotiating a deal. It means you can … Continue reading

To Be Focused Is to Be Effective

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Many people think that the ability to focus or concentrate should come naturally and that when we don’t focus it’s because we’re not trying hard enough—if only we would try harder, it would happen. This is an erroneous view and … Continue reading

Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Changing the “Failure” Mindset

In order to really learn from a situation it is helpful to change the “failure” mindset to a mindset of “changing course”.  As a Mindful leader, how you handle a situation that has not met your expectations will seriously impact … Continue reading