"Argonauta is dedicated to helping individuals and companies achieve positive transformation"
Maria Gonzalez, President, Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc.


Maria Gonzalez

"Mindfulness transforms lives."

Maria Gonzalez is founder and President of Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc. The company works in the private and public sectors, and has worked with more than 70 alliances around the world. Ms. Gonzalez helps her clients to create strategic alignment and to develop strong organizational governance in order to create alliance success.

Both Argonauta and its clients have enjoyed success thanks to the unique ability of Ms. Gonzalez to apply Mindfulness to all aspects of her day. That’s because 17 years ago, she began studying Mindfulness Meditation, and quickly recognized its application to every aspect of business and life.

Six years ago, Ms. Gonzalez began teaching Mindfulness Meditation and focuses her work primarily on the corporate world and its leaders, understanding that this ultimately impacts entire organizations.She coaches executives and professionals throughout North America, on a one-on-one basis, teaching them how and why to be mindful.She also teaches classes for larger groups, conducts workshops and retreats, as well as leading custom-designed Mindfulness programs for organizations.

By incorporating Mindfulness in her day-to-day work at Argonauta Consulting, Ms. Gonzalez has quickly grown her company.

“Argonauta Consulting has benefited greatly because mindfulness is the way in which I do business, from developing business strategy for companies, to creating alliances, negotiating deals and assessing organizational governance,” Ms. Gonzalez explained. “Statistics show that over 70% of alliances fail, and this number has been consistent for nearly two decades. By applying mindfulness to the alliance process, I experience consistent success.”

The company focuses on external and internal partnerships, bringing together independent organizations, including mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures, as well as creating alliances between business units in large organizations. Additionally, she works with senior executives to develop strategic thinking and identify market opportunities, through structured and facilitated strategy sessions, executive retreats, and one-on-one-coaching.

Prior to creating Argonauta, Ms. Gonzalez was the executive responsible for Strategic Alliances at BMO Financial Group in Toronto. She created and led the Strategic Alliances Centre of Excellence, which was responsible for all of the Bank’s external partnerships worldwide, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and technology transfers.Under her leadership the Bank received numerous awards and recognition for Strategic Alliances from such organizations as the Conference Board of Canada and the Corporate Executive Board (an influential Washington-based research group).

She has taught in the MBA, B.Com. and C.A. Programs at McGill University and has conducted Executive Development Programs at the Faculty of Management’s Executive Institute. Ms. Gonzalez is a frequent speaker and presenter at conferences in Canada, the U.S. and Europe and has published articles in the McKinsey Quarterly, the Journal of Business Strategy and the Ivey Business Journal, and is a regular contributor to HEART Business Journal for Women. 

She has served as a member of the Corporate Advisory Board for the Harvard Medical School - MacArthur Foundation study on depression and workplace performance; on the Government of Ontario System Design & Integration Sub-Committee of the Mental Health Implementation Task Force. She does considerable philanthropic work and has served on various boards, including most recently, the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and the McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management Advisory Board and the MBA Advisory Board.

She is Vice-Chair and a founding member of the Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health.

Ms. Gonzalez holds MBA and B.Com. Degrees from McGill University.

By applying Mindfulness Meditation to her own business, Argonauta Consulting has experienced a consistent rate of success.

By teaching Mindfulness Meditation to other business leaders, Maria Gonzalez has also had a profound impact on their personal and professional lives.

You can read about business success stories showing how business leaders transformed their lives through Mindfulness training on the Testimonials page.


  what our clients say
  • "... I'm calmer, more content and less flustered about the past or the future. Meditation adds a great amount of sanity to life... In my professional life, people see me as being more present and more confident..."
    Sean Foran, Vice President, Succession Planning, BMO Harris Private Banking.
  • "... I find that my ability to concentrate is much greater than before I started to meditate. I also find that I am more creative than I was in the past… I am also able to anticipate client needs as well as manage stress better than I did before."
    Gaetano Geretto, President, Pelecanus Strategic Advisory Services Inc.
  • "... Maria brings a powerful combination of wisdom as a senior business leader and negotiator and enormous talent in guiding the deeply personal meditation process. This blend of experiences gives her the ability to understand and relate to clients on many levels."
    Lesley Parrott, Principal, Lesley Parrott Consulting
  • "... Working with Maria has taught me the difference in results that come from focus as opposed to multi-tasking.  I have learned to get present before I interact with people so that I can devote my full attention to the issue at hand.  I can also move through a very large list of things that need to be done and am more in control of my day."
    Jan Kestle, President, Environics Analytics
  • "... Meditating... has enabled me to be more calm and focused in meetings, making me more effective at my job.  Small things that at one time may have bothered me tend to roll off, having minimal effect.  I feel more connected to my inner self, more confident and optimistic for the future."
    Judy Sims, Vice President, Product Development and Business Management, Thestar.com
  • "... I apply Mindfulness in the workplace to better manage relationships. It has helped me to look at myself in a much more objective way. ... Instead of being judgmental I can be more introspective and make a situation pleasant rather than unpleasant."
    Jocelyne Achat
  • "... Meditation is a powerful coping skill for times of stress, and an amazing, life-enhancing practice in ordinary, daily life. It is simple, and its effects are immediate."
    Peggy Guest, President, Imperial Street Design
  • "Mindfulness Meditation provides a time to calm the mind and go within to find peace. It helps me to be more aware (and mindful) of everyday experiences and to listen better. It positively impacts communication. Meditation helps to put things in perspective."
    Kathy Wilkie, Registrar & Executive Director, College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario
  • "I started meditating... because I wanted to quiet my mind and learn how to be present and in the moment. My meditation practice has transformed my life, personally and professionally. I feel calm, patient, peaceful, present, kind and joyful...It has allowed me to be more productive because I'm able to stay focused."
    Peggie Pelosi, Founder/ President, Orenda Connections
  • "I attended Maria's Mindful Golf Workshop in 2007... I am calmer and more thoughtful on the golf course and I don't get down on myself as much for poor shots. ...After taking the course I won the Senior Ladies Club Championship. I can honestly say that I believe that the learnings from the Workshop contributed to this latter success."
    Gail Kilgour – member of St. George's Golf & Country Club
  • "I am thrilled to let you know how your Mindful Golf Workshop has helped my golf game; bottom line: my scores are better, my handicap is lower. I have more confidence that I can execute the shots that I want; I have more good shots and fewer bad shots... I can highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their game, and their enjoyment of this great sport."
    Janice May – member of Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club
  • "I've been thrilled with the results I've seen after having attended the Mindful Golf Workshop. ... I immediately started putting the techniques and concepts I learned into practice on the course. Over the season I took ten strokes off my game... I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to improve their game, be more relaxed, less frustrated, and have more fun."
    Gloria MacDonald - member of ClubLink