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I am often asked this question.  And it is worth answering because there is such a great misunderstanding about what it is and many believe it to be what it is not.

So that we are clear, enlightenment is NOT a state of constant bliss, of no pain where nothing touches us.  It is not the final end to suffering where others suffer and we are not touched.  It is not a state of perfection.  It is not a state where all our dreams come true effortlessly.  It is not a brought about by positive thinking.  These are fairy tales and completely counter to what enlightenment is.

Enlightenment is a state of complete simplicity.  Is is an openness to what is in the present moment whether it is pleasant or unpleasant.  It is a deep humility where we know that the only reason we are here is to serve.  It is an opening of the heart moment by moment whereby we experience deep compassion for all beings, whether we know them or not, whether we like then or not.  All are treated equally because there is only One…other is us and we are other…there is no separation.  And there is deep joy in all this and there is also enormous pain, not suffering, but deep pain.  Ultimately we may be called to purify the pain of others and indeed the world.  If / when this arises it is not a choice.  But something we do willingly nonetheless, because what else is there to do.  In enlightenment, we have gone back to our original state, that state of complete simplicity, of deep stillness and inner peace, regardless of circumstances.

In hearing this some or many might say, why would anyone want this? Again, enlightenment is not a choice, but something that occurs through Grace and the likelihood of it occurring may be increased through deep purification.  At first this purification may be intentional and then it happens on its own.  The more we purify the more open we become and the less separation is evident.  Ultimately, enlightenment takes great courage; we will be called upon to do / experience the unimaginable.  But to have the privilege to know who and what we really are is all the compensation we ever need.

In the next blog I look forward to talking about Enlightened Leadership.


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