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Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – To Discover Your Purpose, Reflect on What Gives You Great Joy

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Discovering your life purpose is a process.  It is a process of self discovery.  You need to get to know yourself intimately.  In so doing you will discover your unique gifts and how to best share them in the world.  And this does not only refer to your work.  It refers to your life in general, your relationships, your leisure time, your hobbies, your volunteer work, etc.

The first step is to Mindfully reflect.  Reflect on those times in your life when you were most happy, when you lost yourself in what you were doing, when time either just flew by or seemed to stand still.  These would be times when you felt truly fulfilled and at peace, when you were joyful for no reason.  Once you have identified these times reflect on what you were doing, what skills you were using, what the environment was like, who you were with, if anyone.

This is the beginning of discovering you life purpose.  You see, there is no reason to make life unnecessarily difficult.  If you are good at something and you love it – do it!  Share it with the world.

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