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Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Relax in Your Body

I am often asked about how to stop the mind from buzzing or being cluttered with endless thoughts.  My answer is simple.  Relax the body.  The mind and body form a feedback loop.  When the mind is busy and agitated the body gets tight; and when the body is tight the mind gets more agitated.  If not stopped, this can spiral out of control and you can end or start your days exhausted.

But it is almost impossible without a great deal of training to quiet the mind when the body is tight.  However, if you are able to relax the body, you will often notice that the mind will start to settle or at the very least not become more agitated.  The more you practice relaxing the body the more you will notice a calmness in your being.  In fact, if you play any sport you will notice that your performance will increase.  Your breathing will naturally deepen.  You will be able to be more present and listen better in meetings and even in difficult conversations.

The easiest way to start is to create triggers for yourself during the day that will remind you to relax the body.  You may decide that every time the phone rings or every time you reach a red light that it will be your reminder to relax the body.  You come to a red light and rather than be annoyed that you are held up, become aware of your body and just release any tense muscles. You can do this dozens of times a day and get clever about your triggers.  The more times you practice the better you will be at it.  Soon you will experience your body in the way it was intended to be – completely at ease.

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One Response to Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Relax in Your Body

  1. Meg Mitchell says:

    What a great post full of good ideas. I will definitely try your method of relaxing my mind by being mindful of my body.