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Mindful Interactions Are a Gift

Have you ever wondered why it is so rare to have a Mindful interaction? And, is it not a pleasant and memorable experience when we do have one?

I think a key reason why Mindful interactions are so rare is that many people are not truly present. They may intend to be present, but soon the mind starts to wander and as the recipient of that lack of presence we feel disconnected from the other person and at times offended or annoyed. In essence, when someone is not present, even though they may not intend it, what they communicate is that the other person does not matter, or at least not matter sufficiently, to give them full attention.

The reality is that to intend to be present is only part of what’s required. In addition to intention, we need to train the mind to be able to concentrate on the conversation itself. It is incredible how little ability to concentrate the average person has. Perhaps it is our drive to multitask that has greatly driven away our ability to concentrate. Consequently, we need to train the mind. By training the mind with Mindfulness techniques and strategies we are able to stay present whether we are experiencing a pleasant or unpleasant interaction.

What is clear is that when we are with someone who is truly present, we notice it and we feel positive about the interaction and the individual. We have the sense that we mattered and that encourages us to remain present. It feels like we have been given a gift.

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