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Maintain a Daily Practice to Cultivate a Mindful Life

There is no substitute for a daily Mindfulness practice.  A daily practice enables you to become proficient at the techniques. And this proficiency enables you to more easily be Mindful in your daily life.  The other thing that happens is that it will create a momentum so that the benefits continue long after you have finished meditating.  By practicing regularly you are training the mind and rewiring the brain to be more present, more aware, to experience greater calm and focus, regardless of the situation.

But in order to truly experience benefit in your daily life it is very helpful to deliberately use what I call Mindfulness in Action Strategies.  These strategies apply to every aspect of your life whether you are working out, cooking a meal, in a meeting, making a presentation, having a difficult conversation or on a flight.

In time, by combining formal daily (or near daily) practice with Mindfulness in Action Strategies your entire life becomes an experience of Mindfulness in essence a meditation.  Life will be meditating you.  You will do everything you are presently doing, but you will do it differently.  The result is a decrease in suffering and an increase in fulfillment moment by moment.

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