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Live Each Moment “as if for the last time”

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The next time you go for a walk, walk as if it is your last walk.  The next board meeting you have, be there, as if it is your last board meeting.  The next time you speak with a colleague, speak as if you will never speak with them again.  The next time you share a meal or a cup of tea with a friend, do so as if it will be the last time.

The next time you look into your spouses eyes, look as if you will never see them again.  The next time you play with your child, do so as if it will be the last time.  The next time you walk or sit with your dog, do so as if for the last time.

You get the idea….  How would you like to experience each moment, if it was the last moment of your life? That question is worth pondering.

But no matter how much I ponder, there is only one possible answer.  I would like to be fully present, fully alive, fully AWAKE!

This notion of “the last time” is not pessimistic or improbable.  In fact, it addresses the law of impermanence. No matter how much we think we are in control, or how much we try to be in control or to control, the reality is that, other than our behaviour, we control nothing.  Despite our sophistication we have no idea when we will take our last breath.  We have no idea when the music will stop.

So knowing this, make your best effort to be right here, right now, each and every moment, with whatever you are doing and whomever you are with.  Don’t waste a moment.  Each moment is precious.  It can never be bought, sold or recaptured.  Each moment is a gift!


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