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Learn to Trust Your Own Inner Wisdom

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Have you ever experienced a time when your mind said one thing and your “gut” said something else? Who did you listen to? Who did you trust?

Learning to listen to your gut or developing good intuition is a trainable skill. We are so ruled by the power of the mind that we forget that the body has a wisdom all its own. The body doesn’t lie. It’s reactions are visceral and instantaneous. The mind on the other hand can utilize the intellect and reason and what it calls logic. And because we have given such power and value to the mind, we often forget that there is a body-mind connection. It is when these two work in concert that we are in sync, we are balanced.

If you are not accustomed to listening to your gut, then try creating space, some stillness in your day, so that you are better able to listen to the body. Here lies your inner wisdom. Within us is a great reservoir of infinite potential. As a leader, you know that you can not be everywhere and know everything. You need to rely on the talent and recommendations of others. By honing your intuition, you are better able to distinguish what is most important, what you need to know. You are also better able to discern talent and take advantage of opportunity when it arises. This enables you to make better decisions and have better judgment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson who exhibited great wisdom, wrote, “what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

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