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Equanimity Is NOT Indifference

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Equanimity is often misunderstood even by experienced meditators.  It is often believed to mean indifference or detachment from anything unpleasant.  It is at times used as a way of escaping pain and suffering in the world.  And it is often completely overlooked when experiencing something pleasant.

To be equanimous is to allow yourself to “feel” fully.  When equanimous, we are in balance.  You are completely aware of what is arising in sensory experience AND are accepting of it. What this means is that is something unpleasant arises, you allow it to be without aversion.  There is no suppression and no denial.  There is merely an attitude of acceptance.  This is what enables you to experience pain without suffering.  And if something pleasant arises, you also allow it to arise, this time, without attachment or grasping.  In this instance you will experience not only pleasure, but fulfillment.

It is also important to remember that equanimity refers to an acceptance of what is arising in your sensory experience.  It also refers to not fighting or resisting that which you can not control, such as the weather or the markets.  Equanimity in no way, EVER, implies that injustices in the world or your life should be accepted as they are.  If there is something that you wish to change and are in a position to change, then changing it would be a choice.  And, it too could be changed from a place of awareness and equanimity.

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