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Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

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I find that sooner or later, most people ponder why they are here, what their purpose in life is, and what they are meant to do.  Somehow, as humans, we all have this nagging little feeling that there is something we should know, something we should be doing.  Sometimes we just don’t know, other times we are afraid to know.

In reality we have forgotten….  We have “forgotten” that we are here to refine consciousness.  In fact, that is the only reason we are here.  It is as simple as that and as complex as that.  Now, when I mention that, some people will have a visceral reaction and say, that the reason they are here is to be a great parent or a great leader or a great partner.  And that is really not the case.  In reality, it is in refining consciousness that we can then be the very best partner, parent, or leader.  These are roles we perform, and we are likely to perform them at our best, when we are fully aware and present, moment by moment.  That is what it is to refine consciousness…to become more and more able, to be fully aware and present, moment by moment, regardless of circumstances.

Can you see how this could make you the best partner, parent, leader or friend, that you could possibly be?

And from that place of awareness and presence, where our consciousness continuously refines, we are drawn to do different things in our lives.  Things that become fulfilling, give us great joy, and are of real service to others.

I look forward to expanding on this in the next Blog.

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