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Discovering Your Life Purpose

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As human beings we are constantly asking questions. One of the deepest questions we ask is, “What is my life purpose?”  At the root of it, we want to know why we are here.  We want to know that all of our efforts in this life are not in vain—that our lives have meaning and purpose. However, most people we meet have no idea why they are here. This is not limited by socio-economic group, level of education, age, gender, or culture. It appears to cut across all boundaries.

When pressed, people usually will say, “I am here to be a good mother, father, daughter, son, sibling, friend, et cetera. I am here to lead this company to success, to help develop useful products, to be a good teacher, doctor, lawyer, leader.”

You’ll notice that their responses are all centered on roles.  Unfortunately, when you see your life in terms of roles, you can’t help but falter. The hindrances will rear their ugly heads.  People may become attached to their roles, averse to losing them, deluded about how much control they have, envious of those with more prestigious roles, or feel inferior or superior pride in relation to others.

This is a slippery slope. When people give these roles such importance, if any or all of them don’t go well, are lost, or are negatively judged by others, it impacts their sense of worth, even their sense of self.

And what is the antidote to this?  It’s really quite simple—to get to know yourself deeply, to know who and what you are.  And that is where Mindfulness comes in.  Mindfulness training enables you, with practice, to arrive at that very place where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a spiritual being in a human existence.  And knowing this deeply actually makes you a better human.  It gives you purpose.  You quickly come to a place where you know that ultimately you are here to be of service.  The more you refine consciousness, the more this becomes self evident.

Being of service has grown to be cliché.  It is spoken of in terms of serving clients, constituents, et cetera—essentially being of service to those who pay us or vote for us.  But it is much broader than that.  It literally means being of service in the world for the benefit of all beings.  And now you might say, “If I am busy being of service to everyone else, where do I fit in?”  The irony is that when you are of service to others you automatically best serve yourself.

There will be more about being of service in future posts.

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