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Mindful Leadership

Being Aware Means Being Awake in the Moment

Being aware has many layers, but it begins with being self aware.  This implies that you are aware of your thoughts and feelings moment by moment.  You are aware of how different people and situations affect you.  You are aware of how the hindrances manifest in your life, personally and professionally.  It also means that you are aware of how you impact others; how your words, your actions, and your demeanor or energy impact those around you.  Additionally you are aware of how you interact with your environment and the effect you have on various constellations, such as your family, your team, your organization, your community, and the planet in general.

Being truly aware means that you are awake in the moment.  As a Mindful leader it means that you are cognizant of the constant feedback loop in the world and the interconnectedness of all things.  There is a cause and effect to everything.  Every action carries with it a subsequent reaction. You need to take responsibility for yourself.  Once you see how you have impacted another person, you can not help but acknowledge responsibility for that impact.  Leadership is a great privilege and this privilege carries with it a great responsibility.

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