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Be One with Every Moment

To be “one” with every moment is challenging and complex.  But when you experience it, it is unmistakable and incredibly fulfilling.  These are magic moments.  Everyone can remember a time or moment when everything fell into place.  You said exactly what needed to be said when it needed to be said.  You came up with the right idea at just the right time.  You were running a race and your stride was perfect; you could run forever.  You played a piece of music and it seemed to play itself.  You swung the golf club and were in complete harmony; the ball flight almost in slow motion.  It all came together perfectly.

What makes these moments so magical?  And what if you didn’t have to wait for random good fortune but could create these moments at will?  The reality is that you can.  By practicing Mindfulness and paying attention moment by moment in your day, you can create the state of being required to increase the frequency of these occurrences and eventually to be in this state at will.

This is a large topic and I will address the various aspects in future blogs.  But here I would like to describe the big picture.  What happens in these moments of “oneness” is the following:
– You are completely focused;
– Your body is relaxed and you are calm;
– You are in this moment, not concerned about the past or the future;
– You are not “arguing” with what is, in other words you are equanimous;
– You are not thinking; you are allowing intuition to take over;
– You have perfect clarity;
– You are “out of the way”; your ego is not calling the shots;
– And finally, your body, mind and the circumstance are “one” in that moment.

And as daunting as all this seems, let me assure you that it is completely trainable.  This is what it is to live life Mindfully.

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