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We Crave the Peace, But Fear the Silence

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Most people are so busy, hurried, if not frantic, that they would say they are not at peace.  There is always one more meeting, one more phone call, more emails to answer…the commitments go on and on.  The expectation is that once all this is done, once you make enough money, once you get that new job, that new relationship, then you can take a break, sit and relax, catch your breath and enjoy some peace.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.  The problem with that view, which is prevalent in our culture, is that it is flawed.  It is believed that peace comes as a result of circumstances or external conditions.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Peace comes from within and only from within.  And that elusive peace comes from silence, from that place of stillness.  But, invariably what happens is that the busyness and frantic pace drives away the silence.  So much so, that we may no longer be able to find it.  Then when we slow down and take time off, we may become edgy and uptight.  We start to get close to the silence and rather than realize we have come home, we become fearful.  It becomes unbearable, so we look for things to do.  We turn up the music, go on social media, have a drink or two, have an extra brownie…all in an attempt to “escape” the silence.

Yet all along, it is the “silence” we need.  And the reason it is so important to make space for that silence is because that is where we can then abide in a state of enduring peace.  It is by making time for the silence that we regenerate and become most creative.  This is where all of the toughest challenges are resolved, not by thinking, but by abiding in that silence.

And what is that silence?  That silence is our complete and total connection to the sacredness of the present moment.  If we are truly present, moment by moment, we are constantly in touch with that silence.

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