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To Be Present Is to Be Outstanding!

We have all had the experience when we lost ourselves in what we were doing and we were brilliant.  Not only that, we truly enjoyed the experience.  The same applies when we witness a performance whether athletic or musical, and the individual in question is fully present.  In those circumstances we are captivated.  We are drawn in and engaged moment by moment.

As leaders, when we are fully present in what we do, others know it.  That’s what it is to be a Mindful leader.  In speaking to another person, being fully there and truly listening makes us outstanding.  It is outstanding on many levels.  On one level, others notice and they feel connected to us; they experience a rapport and have a sense that they matter.  On another level, we pick up cues that might have otherwise been invisible to us.  And, on yet another level, we truly enjoy the experience; we feel calmer, more at ease.  One of the reasons for this is that the concentration that is required to be present is actually calming.

I came across a wonderful example of a performance where the individual, Ashly Williams, was fully present in her performance and as such, delivered the performance of a lifetime.  It was a gift to her and a gift to all who witness it.  It is a presence so total, that it became pure Grace.  More on Grace in a future blog.

Here is the link.  It was an audition on X Factor USA.  I hope you enjoy it.  When you listen and watch, try to make it a meditation of your own, attempting to match her presence to yours.


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