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Do What You Love and Love What You Do

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One of the key contributors to experiencing happiness is to “do what you love”.  It is a real blessing if we can get up in the morning and know that what lies ahead is a real pleasure for us.  This can refer to our work or just pleasant activities we have planned.  This is almost stating the obvious.  Of course we will be happy when we do those things we love to do.

I’m sure you can recognize, however, there could be a hint of attachment or a condition set on needing to do what we love in order to be happy.

But what if I were to say that you could be happy independent of conditions?  That no matter what you are doing whether you find it inherently pleasant or not, you could be happy.

If you can say that you are happy doing anything and everything, then you “love what you do”.  What this means is that everything you do is an act of love.  When you “love what you do” you are fully present, awake in the moment.  There is no judgment good, bad, pleasant, unpleasant.  It just is. And you pour your heart into the “activity” of whatever you are doing.  When you do this you will notice that a deep joy emerges – the joy that comes from making every activity sacred.

As a leader, when you are fully present with what you are doing, no matter how easy or hard, pleasant or unpleasant, it is really a gift you give those who witness it.  There is a Stillness, a Silence that is evident when you love whatever you do.

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