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I would like to bring your attention to a wonderful and powerful article written by Ryan Clow. It appears in the most recent issue of the University of Toronto Medical Journal and is entitled, Scroll of My Life: My PTSD and the Doctor Who Saved Me.

Scroll of My Life pdf

And even before reading the article you might wonder what it might have to do with Mindful Leadership. Read and you will discover it has everything to do with Mindful leadership.

As many of you know, I define a leader as anyone who is in a position to influence another person for any period of time. It literally means ANYONE, in any sphere of life. Being a Mindful leader is a choice. A choice that exhibits some pretty amazing qualities, as described in the 9 Ways.

The article is about a hugely courageous man and an equally courageous doctor. Ryan’s life was forever changed by the connection with this doctor, and in all likelihood the doctor’s life was also changed in a special way.

Both these men are Mindful leaders in very powerful ways. They are both deeply aware and positive. But what is most striking is their compassion. In fact, compassion transforms lives. It transforms the life of the person toward whom you are being compassionate and it transforms your own life, as well.

Being compassionate means that you walk in the other person’s shoes. You do that without judgment and with a deep caring for the other’s well being. It means that you allow your heart to remain open, even, and especially, when it is broken. You walk alongside the person in need. When necessary you walk ahead of them and when appropriate you walk behind them. And all along they know they have someone to count on. Someone who cares.

It also takes great courage to ask for help and to then allow oneself to be helped. Being a Mindful leader means having the courage to be vulnerable. This courage signals a deep self awareness that one doesn’t have all the answers and that not knowing is okay.

And the result of such compassion and courage is inspiration. You see, you can’t set out to inspire others. Inspiration comes from bearing witness to the deeds and words of Mindful leaders. As you read this article you will, without a doubt, know what I mean.

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