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The Power of Life with No Labels

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What would life be like if we didn’t judge everything and label everything?  Quite simply, we would experience life with greater ease and comfort.  It would, in essence, be experienced as “freedom”.  It would be a freedom from the tyranny of our own patterns and our own biases.  It is these patterns and biases that rob us of a life fully lived and enjoyed.

Generally speaking, we don’t only label others or have biases towards others.  At the deepest level we label and have biases towards ourselves.  The result is that we do not reach our full potential as human beings.  If we can’t love everything and everyone, we can’t truly love ourselves.

But when we do, something magical happens.  We see all things and all being as they truly are: worthy of our love and compassion, beautiful in every way.

Now imagine if we experienced life this way in our families, our organizations, our communities…   We could indeed transform the world.

There is a beautiful 3 minute video that creatively illustrates this point.  It’s called “Love Has No Labels”.


On a practical note, you may wish to try this out.  For 24 hours, judge nothing and label nothing.  When you have a meeting with a colleague or your boss, just be present without judging or labelling.  When you speak with a family member or friend, do the same.  Just be present and listen.  See what a difference this can make.  You will likely hear and see things you may not have anticipated.  Be prepared to amaze yourself.

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