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Remember to Laugh a Little….or a Lot

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This cartoon says it all.

Sometimes when people are serious about being mindful they forget to have fun. They think that Mindfulness is very serious business and what could it possibly have to do with having fun?

But remember that having fun is essential. Laughing raises the spirit and makes everything lighter and brighter. Even serious things are more palatable if we can remember not to take everything so seriously. And in the process we can become more creative about finding solutions.

Two important principles to remember are that everything is impermanent and that being gentle yields success.

If you are experiencing difficulty, this too is passing. If you are having the best time of your life, this too is passing. This is not a pessimistic view. It’s just reality. Seeing things for what they truly are: impermanence in action, provides perspective.

Regarding gentleness, remember it takes great strength and courage to be gentle. Gentleness enables us to experience what is arising without suppression or denial. By being gentle we yield better results, more efficiently and effectively. This applies in the way we deal with ourselves, as well as others.

As Mindful leaders, when we make it a priority to laugh and have some fun, we give others permission, and indeed, encourage them, to do the same. This can go a long way in creating resilience, sustaining high performance and arriving at creative solutions to challenging issues, in the organization.


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