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Mindful Leadership Entails Being a Good Steward

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We often think of leadership as being about creating and charting a course. Of course, that is true. But what gets less attention is the responsibility to be a good steward, a custodian of anyone and anything that is in our care.

Being a “good steward” is often misunderstood. It may be interpreted as care taking and following the status quo. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a Mindful leader our responsibility is to leave any situation in a better state than we found it. In dealing with others whether those on our team, our colleagues or strangers, a Mindful leader enriches every interaction.

And why do we do this? Because we can. We do this not only by our words, but more importantly, by our actions.

We are so fleetingly in this world and in our roles. May we move with grace, wisdom and compassion. That is a true legacy, the legacy that only a good steward can leave behind.

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