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Just This Moment

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Just this moment….that’s what it is to be present.  As each moment arises and fades into the next moment, being present means to focus right here, right now.  When we are only conscious of the present moment, a wealth of opportunity arises.  Our vision literally expands.  Time slows down to the point of feeling like it is being experienced in slow motion.  There is a presence of mind that allows for clear judgement. There is a joy in being in this moment.  And, we feel as if we are being guided by “an invisible hand” that has the “big picture”.  We become conduits of inspiration.

Whether playing a soccer game, playing a round of golf, chairing a meeting, having a conversation, playing a piece of music, painting a picture, it’s all the same.  There is only this moment.  Only the activity changes.  The process is the same.  Stay focused on the moment and doing the very best you can do, in this moment, under the circumstances.

And that is key.  The circumstances matter greatly.  Some days, some moments, we are brilliant, others, not as brilliant.  That is not relevant.  What matters is that we stay present and do our best in that moment.  Each moment is sacred and deserves our best.  It is our gift back to the Universe and to one another.  In so doing, it becomes a blessing to ourselves.  It brings us peace and joy.  That is the gift we receive.

Ever notice how peaceful and balanced you feel when you are present and have done all you can do, in that moment?  I don’t mean going outside yourself to accomplish a super human feat.  I am referring to that place where we stay within ourselves and all seems to flow.  That’s the sweet spot.  That is the place of Pure Presence.

When we are not in that present moment, we are focused on judging ourselves, others or situations that may have occurred in the past (near or distant).  Or, we are focused on the future with concern, dread, or anticipation.  Whatever the focus, if it is not in this moment, we are short changing ourselves and compromising our performance, inner peace and joy.

You may wish to take a time out right now.  If you are not already present, stop whatever you are doing and take a slow breath.  Notice your body and how it feels.  Notice your surroundings, the sights, the sounds.  Become fully anchored in the present moment and smile.  You are here.  You have arrived to the only place that matters…just this moment.

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