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Don’t Forget to Take Time to Be Present

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Sometimes we forget to be present and enjoy the moment.  Spring is fully here and everything is blooming!  What a treat to take time to smell the flowers.

So often we forget to take time to be in the present moment.  And, in so doing, we miss life.  Whether it be a season, a conversation, a meal, if we are not present, we have not really experienced it.  And, that moment will be forever gone.

Life ONLY happens in the present moment. When we are locked in our heads, we are either in memory or fantasy.  We are reliving the past and perhaps wishing it had been different.  Or, we are fantasizing about a future that may never happen.  It is possible that we may be locked in regretting the past and worrying about the future.  But, what about this moment…right here right now?

To come back to this moment is a choice.  We can decide that we want to be fully alive and to live fully.  That means taking time to smell the flowers like the fellows in the pictures below.  Animals have a wonderful way of being fully present.  You will notice in the pictures, that each animal is fully engrossed in this moment!

You may wish to take a time out at your earliest convenience and, as you gaze upon the pictures below, take time to breath and be aware of your breath.  It will only take a minute or two.  But, in that time, you will have practiced being fully alive and being aware of the aliveness.

I would like to thank Marion Hill for passing along the beautiful pictures.

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