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When You Are Betrayed

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One of the most painful things you can endure is betrayal. Betrayal can take many forms and come from many sources.

You can be betrayed personally and professionally. Whether it be a business partner or colleague, a spouse, a child, a friend, a spiritual teacher. The bottom line is that it hurts, and the closer and more meaningful the relationship the more painful it is.

One of the key reasons that it is so painful is that trust is breached. You placed your trust in someone, allowed yourself to be open and in that vulnerability you were robbed.

The key when this happens is not to close down and close your heart. That only deepens and perpetuates the pain and suffering. The other thing to avoid is to “busy” yourself so you don’t “think” about the betrayal and ensuing pain.

As painful as it will be, healing comes in moving into the pain and intellectually acknowledging that you have been betrayed and deeply hurt.

The next step in true and deep healing is to locate and dissolve the pain in the body. You do this by identifying where in the body there are physical sensations associated with emotion. And when you identify the locations you pour your concentration into them and infuse them with equanimity.

This process can be quite challenging. It takes great courage, so best to go at your pace with great gentleness. But the rewards are immense. In time it yields deep healing.

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  1. June says:

    Such an important message – thank you