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When Feeling Stressed, Come Back to the Present Moment

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Being a Mindful leader entails the ability to come back to the present moment, time after time, until eventually, you are more consistently right here, right now.  This matters for many reasons.  The one reason I wanted to share with you today is that of managing and, in fact, decreasing stress in your life.

You will notice that the more present you are the less stress is created, thereby decreasing your overall stress.  The rest is about managing the stress that is unavoidable.

So, check in on yourself.  In all likelihood you will notice that when you are feeling stressed, you are in the past or worried about the future, perhaps about all there is to do and the little time available.  At these times, notice…just notice how you feel and what is occupying your mind.

Then, take another moment and become present.  Perhaps you can look out a window, take a short walk,  admire a beautiful plant or flower, listen to a short piece of music or watch a short clip such as the one below.  It need not take more than a minute or two..literally, to bring you back to being right here, right now.  And that minute or two can quite literally change the course of your day.

This is how we become better able to sustain high performance and become resilient, regardless of the circumstances.  Remember, there is only just this moment; the rest is memory or fantasy about the future.

I hope you enjoy the clip below; it is truly beautiful and a wonderful two minute interlude.  If you choose to view and listen, try to be as present as possible, thereby, making it a moment of true Mindfulness.  That is how you will increasingly train the mind.


I would like to thank Daria Love and Marion Hill for sending the link.

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