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What Prevents Us from Being Mindful?

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Do you ever find that despite your efforts to be Mindful and to stay engaged with others and yourself, you fall into old patterns?  Sometimes they are patterns you immediately recognize, other times you only become aware hours or days later.  The reason this happens to us is because we have fallen prey to one or more of the five hindrances.

Hindrances are mental states that impede success.  They are:
·         attachment,
·         aversion,
·         ignorance, confusion and delusion
·         envy and jealousy, and
·         pride.

We all experience these hindrances, at some periods in our lives more than others.  They get in the way of realizing our full potential as a leader and experiencing personal fulfillment, and they cause great suffering.  They also inhibit making good decisions.

It’s important not to judge yourself negatively if you recognize that you are experiencing, or have experienced, any (or all) of these hindrances.  They’re simply part of being human.

So if you find yourself in a funk, out of sorts, or behaving poorly, look at the root cause.  You can be certain that the hindrances are at play.  Keep in mind that they’re only problematic when they manifest in a dysfunctional way in your life.  If they begin to drive your behaviour or cloud your focus, clarity or equanimity, then you may need to address them and re-examine your priorities.

Remember that working with the hindrances is a work in progress.  And gentleness with yourself goes a long way.

There will be more about each of the hindrances in the days to come, including Mindful Leadership tips of the week to help you effectively work with them.

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2 Responses to What Prevents Us from Being Mindful?

  1. Meg Mitchell says:

    What an thoughtful post. Will be interested to see in future posts how one works through the hindrances we meet in everyday life. I guess the first step is being mindful of their occurrences.

  2. Caden says:

    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for positng!