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What Does it Take to Succeed?

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I just heard a very interesting TED Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth; it is 6 minutes long and has had over 8 million views.  In her Talk she asserts that a predictor of success is not related to IQ or even talent.  It is something which she calls “grit”.  She defines “grit” as passion and persistence for your long term goals.  It is having stamina and working towards your future goals, day in and out, for years.  It is living life as if it is a marathon, not a sprint.

And that is exactly as it is with Mindful leadership.  The 9 ways of being a Mindful leader require that very same perseverance.  They  are achieved with practice and attention, day in and day out.  It is not a game of perfect.  We try and succeed, then falter and try again, and so it goes on.  We begin to see that there is no such thing as failure, but rather an opportunity to correct our course and continue to try.  And the prize for this perseverance is the experience of being comfortable in one’s skin, knowing who we are and being at peace with that.  It enables us to enjoy life fully, to share our gifts with the world, and to be of service.  The result is a life well lived.

I hope you enjoy the TED Talk.    https://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth_the_key_to_success_grit?language=en#t-244362

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