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What Does it Mean to “Abide in a State of Gratitude”?

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“I abide in a state of Gratitude” are Stings’s last words on his DVD, Sting the Last Ship.  This was a benefit concert at The Public Theatre in New York City.  “The Last Ship” features Sting joined by 14 musicians performing original songs from his critically-acclaimed album and Broadway musical of the same name.

The statement is profound.  He is referring to his childhood in a small north England town whose main business was a shipyard.  It was difficult and dangerous work.  It was the main place of employment for the men in the area.  A place where few left and did anything different.  And for Sting, it shaped his deep desire to do something different, his music and his life.  And he considers himself “grateful” because he is fiercely proud of the strength and grit it took to live that life and what it gave him.

But to say that one “abides in Gratitude” goes far beyond being grateful.  It implies being grateful, no matter what the circumstances.  It means that when life presents difficulties, one can still live or abide in that state of Gratitude, for what one has.  It is very much akin to a state of “happiness without condition” or a state of equanimity.

And how does one experience this kind of gratitude?  This kind of gratitude can be cultivated, and in so doing it can transform your life.  If this speaks to you, try it for a week or so.  Take moments throughout the day to acknowledge that for which you are grateful.  Some days it will be big things and other days only small things.  And, yet, other days that are really difficult you will need to dig deeper, and perhaps merely be grateful for being alive or being able to breathe, or having food to eat and a roof over your head.

It means not taking anything for granted.  And why is this important or even meaningful?  Because everything we have moment by moment is a gift, a blessing and it can be taken away without notice.  That is the law of impermanence, what is here now may not be here in the next breath.  And absolutely nothing other than our Divinity is our birthright.  And our Divinity is merely our life force, the magic spark within us all.  More on this some other time…

So, take a moment now and just notice what is around you.  What are you grateful for right now?  And now abide in that Gratitude and let it inspire you for the rest of the day.


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