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True Awakening Requires a Balance Between Compassion and Wisdom

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There is no real awakening without deep compassion. One may have insights and wisdom, having “entered the Stream” (traditionally the initial point of Awakening). But, if wisdom out paces compassion, there can be a serious imbalance. In fact, wisdom without compassion can lead to cruelty. And compassion without wisdom can play out in life as a bleeding heart and ineffectual.  Neither is true Awakening.

If one aspires to Awaken, compassion is critical as a starting point. One of the reasons compassion is a good place to start is that it can encourage humility. An imbalance where there is too much wisdom for the amount of compassion present, can deeply ingrain arrogance. Arrogance is very difficult to purify.

If you wish to develop both wisdom and compassion in equal measure, then it is worth paying special attention to both aspects, in both your formal practice and your Mindfulness in action.

As an additional step, you can examine your thoughts and actions through the litmus test of humility.  Are you clear moment by moment that all your deep inspirations, your creativity, your great ideas, comes from the Universe?  Otherwise stated, are you clear moment by moment that what makes you special, unique and effective is the result of your ability to be a clear and open vessel, receptive to the wisdom and compassion that flows through you from “Stillness”?

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