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To Be Impeccable Is to Do Our Best Every Day, Under the Circumstances

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The 9th aspect of being a Mindful leader is being impeccable in your words and deeds. Impeccability includes having integrity, being honest, and being courageous. It’s a tall order. It implies behaving the same way when you are with others as when no one is watching.

But being impeccable should never be confused with being perfect. That would be an unrealistic impossibility. Being impeccable entails doing your best every moment of the day, every day, under the circumstances. Some days the circumstances will be such that you perform brilliantly, perhaps at your personal best. Other days you may not be as brilliant because the circumstances won’t allow for it. On those days, being impeccable entails doing the very best you can under those limiting circumstances.

One would never expect athletes to perform at their personal best every time they compete.  That would be ludicrous!  But somehow, we expect ourselves to perform at our personal best personally and professionally all the time and we don’t see how absurd and impossible that is.  That mindset and expectation will only cause disappointment, a perpetual sense of failure and view that we are “not good enough”.  We set ourselves up to fail in our own eyes each and every time when we have such expectations.  That is an expectation of “perfection” and that is not only unrealistic, but unhealthy.

The key is to always take the circumstances into account.  When we are impeccable we do our best each and every moment, under the circumstances.  This causes us to exhibit integrity, to be honest with ourselves and to have the courage to accept that we have limits and that within those limits we are “good enough”.

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