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I have frequently written about gratitude and its importance in our lives.  Research tells us that “gratitude” makes us happy and it makes us healthy.  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/08/04/ways-to-cultivate-gratitude.aspx

But, often when we think of gratitude we think of being thankful for what we call “the good things in our lives”, those things we consider to be pleasant, like the people we love and our comforts or luxuries.

But, what about those things that we consider to be unpleasant, painful, even tragic?  I suggest, that to be grateful, is to be grateful for absolutely everything…no exceptions.  And, why is that important?  It’s important for a couple of reasons.  No matter how unpleasant or challenging a situation, circumstance, or person, there is always an important teaching from which we can learn and benefit, if we care to look.  The second reason, which is even more profound, is that difficult circumstances have the greatest impact on our “purification”, and thereby, our refinement as human beings.  This positively impacts our lives and the lives of those around us.  I describe “purification” in Mindful Leadership, as the “clearing away of negative patterns that impede our ability to live fully”.

It is by being equanimous with any, so called, negative experience, that purification arises.  And this is an enormous victory as a human being.  It is among the most challenging things we can do.  But, the reward is beyond measure.

As Mindful leaders, every time we purify our negative patterns, we empower ourselves and we are a positive influence on the world around us.  The only change we can ever truly effect in the world is the change we create within ourselves.  And by transforming ourselves we change the world.

Rumi, the Persian poet (1207-1273) has written a beautiful poem called “The Guest House”.  It is one of my favourite poems of all time.  He so eloquently talks about being grateful for everything…no exceptions.  I hope you enjoy it.


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