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The Real Value of Mindfulness

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I would like to continue to clarify this thing we call Mindfulness. As mentioned in a previous blog Mindfulness is a skill, not a technique. We develop the skill by applying formal techniques.

These techniques are practiced in formal meditation. This is where we carve out as little as 10 minutes a day or however long you wish, on a regular daily basis, in order to acquire and deepen various aspects of the skill. In Mindful Leadership I describe the various techniques at length.

And this is important. Regular disciplined practice is critical to develop and hone the skill. If you have been practicing for one month or 30 years, regular practice is equally important as there are deeper and deeper layers to Mindfulness. A concert pianist continues to do scales no matter how long he / she has been playing. The same applies to Mindfulness.

But this is only half of the picture. In my personal Mindfulness practice and in my coaching and teaching, what I have seen make the greatest difference in creating sustained progress is what I call Mindfulness in Action Strategies. These are strategies you can apply to every aspect of your work and your life.

I have developed these strategies for each of the 9 Ways of being a Mindful Leader. I will focus on this in blogs to come. Suffice it to say for now that the objective over time is to be Mindful, that is present and aware, whether you are sitting in formal meditation, making a presentation, working out or having a spirited debate.

Mindfulness is a way of being, a way of expressing oneself and a way of moving in the world. And it is this ability to be mindful moment by moment which is the greatest benefit. It allows you to be fully alive in this moment. And after all, this is the only moment there is!

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