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The Key to Success in Negotiation, Part 2

The second necessary ingredient for a successful negotiation is that the deal be win-win. What I mean by that is that you go into negotiation with the attitude of mind that the person with whom you are negotiating needs to win as well. They need to get a good deal out of it too.

It is impossible for you to win if the other person loses. A Mindful
leader knows this and will never compromise the other person’s success.
Some may think this is not possible at best and absurd at worst. But let
me assure you that it is a very sound strategy.

You see, when someone knows you want their success, they are more likely to
want yours. In fact, by negotiating in this way you set the tone for what
is acceptable to you. This does not only apply to negotiating a deal. It
applies to any and every interaction with another person, professionally
and personally.

My particular strategy in dealing with anyone is to try to determine how
I can make the other person extremely successful. It has become habitual.
I no longer think about it. I see it as one of the ways in which as a
Mindful leader, I can be of service. What I have found is that I am very
rarely disappointed. People generally live up to my expectations.

By persistently creating win-win situations you will find that you
surround yourself with people that are often quite exceptional. It
appears like attracts like.

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