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The Key to Success in Negotiation, Part 1

A great deal goes into a successful negotiation. But there are two necessary ingredients above all. In this blog I wish to address one of these. It is “non-attachment”, perhaps the most difficult state to achieve.

This, under no circumstance, implies that you do not care, quite the contrary. You care deeply and you do your best under the circumstances. But beyond that you are not attached to the outcome.

That may seem confusing to some. But to a Mindful leader it is self evident. You see, when you are attached to an outcome the likelihood of compromising your principles, of not being impeccable or not being compassionate is greatly increased.

All in all attachment blinds you. My experience in extensive negotiations over many years has always been that you get the best deal when you are prepared to walk away. Only then will you truly get what you need. As I look back, those are the best deals I ever negotiated. And ironically these were the negotiations that were the least stressful.

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