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The Joys of Micro-Meditation – Globe & Mail Article – April 23, 2012

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This week in the Globe & Mail I did an interview on Micro-Meditations or what we call Mindfulness in Action Strategies, essentially what I write about as tips for being Mindful in your day.  There appears to be great interest in this topic as of late….and for good reason.  If you have a formal practice, even a modest one, micro-meditations that you can do throughout your day have the potential to leverage your ability experience Mindfulness in significant ways.

If you use any opportunity to be Mindful in time you are Mindful without even trying.  So create triggers for yourself that will remind you to be present.  And when the trigger arises in your day, come back to this moment, right here right now.

I offer a number of suggestions for Micro-Meditations in the day in the Globe & Mail article that is attached.  Janet Martin, who has been a long time participant in my Advanced Mindfulness classes, was also interviewed and offers a great tip while driving.
May your day be filled with Mindful moments.

Download Globe and Mail Article

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One Response to The Joys of Micro-Meditation – Globe & Mail Article – April 23, 2012

  1. Meg Mitchell says:

    What great news Maria. Congrats on the book as well as the article.