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Resolving to Live Life on Purpose in 2015

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Now that a New Year has begun there is an opportunity to start afresh, and it all starts in the mind.  A New Year is like turning the page on the old and creating new possibilities for the present.  In so doing you have the opportunity to discover and live your life purpose.  But what does it take to transform that resolve into reality?

The first thing to recognize is that everything starts and ends with your intentions.  If your intentions are clear you have a greater likelihood of achieving what you wish to achieve.  If your intentions are not clear, the outcomes will be haphazard and you may focus your attention on those things that are ultimately unimportant but appear to demand attention.  In Mindful Leadership I devote Chapter 5 to this very topic.

Discovering your life purpose enables you to live Life on Purpose and it entails the following:

  • It starts with creating a Vision for your life.  The way you do this is to envision coming to the end of a very happy and successful personal and professional life and describing to yourself what this would look like.
  • It also includes assessing the year that has just passed and identifying what made you truly happy and fulfilled.
  • Then also looking at what drained your energy and made you unhappy.
  • The idea is to build into your life those things that make you happy and reduce or eliminate what makes you unhappy.
  • It then also involves identifying in various aspects of your life what you wish to accomplish over the next 3-5 years (very broadly) and then identifying what you wish to achieve / accomplish in the next 12 months, very specifically.
  • It also includes a mechanism for assessing and reassessing along the way so that you can alter course as new developments / opportunities arise.

The objective is to live a life that is fulfilling and aligned with a Vision you have created for yourself.  It is a very empowering process.  It enables you to craft a life that has meaning for you, rather than be buffeted by what life brings.  It comes down to living your life “on purpose”.  The Vision then becomes the “litmus” test for selecting new jobs, new projects, new relationships, or assessing what you presently have / do and to which you devote time, energy, money, etc.

Today’s intention becomes tomorrow’s reality.  By resolving to live Life on Purpose in 2015, you will see a whole world of possibilities you may have never imagined.

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One Response to Resolving to Live Life on Purpose in 2015

  1. Paula says:

    Thank you for this, Maria! After spending some time preparing for a management interview while on vacation, I began to realize that what my life would look like if I got the job was very different from what I would like it to be. I enjoy having time to do things, being proactive rather than reactive, and having lots of time for myself and my family. I decided to cancel the interview. It was a hard choice, but ultimately one that is more aligned with inner success than outer success. I am grateful to have the time to teach and practice mindfulness and yoga, and realize that my passion is to be more present in my life and help others do the same. I like your idea of creating a vision – for me it would be a life lived in service of others, with authentic connections with my colleagues, my friends, my family. A life devoted to love, presence and peace.