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Mindful Leadership – Tip: To Be Fully Alive You Must Be Present

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To be present is to be right here, right now. The importance of being present can not be overstated. The present moment is all we ever have and ever have had. The quote below says it succinctly and beautifully:

“There really isn’t any time. From the distant past to the farthest reaches of the future, it will be the same: just the unfolding of now.” ~ Adyashanti

In fact, if moment by moment you are not present, you are living a memory or fantasy. But life only happens in the present moment. So, if you are not here, you miss life. You may realize that the meeting is over and you barely heard anything; you drove home and don’t remember the drive; you had dinner with your family and were only there in body. All the time you might have been thinking of the meeting you just had or the deadline you have tomorrow.

And suddenly you wake up one day and realize you have only been going through the motions. You have been living in your head and only incidentally inhabiting your body. Your spouse and children are strangers to you. Your team doesn’t share crucial information with you because they see that you are not really listening.

That is what eventually happens when you are not present. You are a stranger in your own fabricated world; a world that is not real. And the worst of it is that all the days, weeks, months, and years that you were not “present” are not coming back. You missed life! You missed your life!

As a Mindful leader you know that it all starts with being present moment by moment, in every interaction, no matter how pleasant or painful and no matter with whom you are interacting. In being present you are fully alive. You are able to see opportunities as they unfold. Your decision making is clear. You build and cultivate relationships. Your life is immeasurably improved because you can experience greater fulfilment from the simplicity of this moment.

So take a moment now, if you can, and take a breath. Notice being in your body. Now, just notice what is going on around you. If you are with someone else, look into the face of the person you are with and really listen. Don’t think about anything, just watch and listen. Judge nothing. Just be open to what is unfolding before you. You are now witnessing the “present moment”.

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