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Mindful Leadership Is a Competitive Advantage

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A Mindful leader generates a great deal of power within themselves and around them. The internal power comes from the ability to control the mind rather than being controlled by the mind. When we control our minds we make better decisions, have better judgment and are better able to identify opportunity.

In terms of the external world, a Mindful leader tends to attract higher
caliber people and is able to create and retain a high performing team.
High performing teams are more innovative and more productive than their

The result is sustainable high performance. In addition, a Mindful leader
is more resilient and enables others to be more resilient. With greater
calm and concentration one is able to achieve without wasting energy and
this contributes greatly to resilience.

Hence, what results is a competitive advantage. The truly exciting part
of this is that Mindfulness is completely trainable with specific formal
techniques and Mindfulness in Action strategies which I describe in great
detail in Mindful Leadership. An even greater competitive advantage is
created when we view everyone in the organization as a potential Mindful
leader, thereby leveraging an entire team or organization’s capacity.

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