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Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Use Power Appropriately to Engender Trust

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Being impeccable includes the appropriate use of power.  Power is a responsibility and privilege that comes with leadership.  Unfortunately, it is at times misused or abused. When power is misused, there are always hindrances at play, which deny you the ability to see clearly. A Mindful leader knows that power is to be used with great care. Indeed, it is to be used with deep humility. Humility is critical because those over whom you have power may be vulnerable or dependent on you in one form or another. A positive or appropriate use of power will engender trust, and trust is critical between a leader and those he or she serves.

When other people trust you, there is no need to hold anything back. They implicitly know that you would not intentionally cause them harm and that you have their best interests in mind. In its purest form, what you do for each other is unconditional. And in response you both give your best. Power and trust need to go together in order for superior performance to result. Each person performs whatever activity he or she is tasked with without holding back. Each has a common vision, and that is where the attention is focused. There is nothing personal in this process. There is no ego involved.

This applies in our personal and professional relationships and applies to every aspect of our lives.

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