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Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week – Awareness Enables You to Make Better Decisions

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Awareness will enable you to maintain sound judgment and make better decisions because moment by moment you’ll see what is arising within you.  You won’t be blindsided or hijacked by emotions that are out of control. When you are aware of “feel,” i.e. the physical sensations associated with the emotions that you experience, and you remain aware of these sensations, you remain in control.  The reason for this is “feel” unchecked drives behaviour.  When you are angry that your team is not performing to your standards and you yell at them or you are cutting, derogatory, and sarcastic, there is a good chance that you are no longer in control.  Typically the sensations in your body are so great that you just blurt out what comes to mind, without listening to your internal censor.  When you’ve said things you later regret, you may notice that you experienced strong sensations in your mouth or throat, among other parts of the body.  Notice these areas next time you are about to blurt something out that would be best left unsaid or said more delicately.

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