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Mindful Leadership in Action – Tip of the Week

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If you find yourself experiencing one of the hindrances I introduced in the previous blog post, take a moment to notice how it is impacting your life.  You will know that a hindrance is at play because you don’t feel comfortable in your skin, you are out of sorts, or you don’t see yourself as the person you wish to be.

Reflect on how is it affecting your relationship with your colleagues or your family?  Is it causing you to do or say things you later regret?  Are you making decisions that don’t reflect what you value, but rather what others value?

Just take a moment to give it space.  Don’t judge yourself just shine awareness.  If you find yourself justifying your position, shine awareness there, too.  Take a few moments to sit with it quietly.

Remember to be gentle.  Hindrances are patterns that start developing at a very young age and often for very good reasons at the time.  In some cases they developed for our own survival.  But as we mature they serve no purpose other than to cause us suffering and to bring us further away from who and what we are.

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