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Mindful Leadership Entails Balancing the Long and Short Term

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Mindful leadership entails balancing the long and short terms and compromising neither. To make a decision that is beneficial in the short term, but which will compromise the long term, can cause your business to fail. On the other hand, to plan only for the long term and not take care of short term needs, generally compromises resilience in the business and your people.

Ultimately, as Mindful leaders we are custodians of what has been entrusted to us. This can apply to a business, our relationships, the environment, even our possessions. If we are of the mindset that we are to be of service, always, no matter what role we hold or what circumstance we find ourselves in, then the decisions become clearer.

A good rule of thumb when making short and long term decisions is to contemplate this: All is impermanent; nothing lasts. But our decisions can follow us for a life time and affect many generations to come. So, live simultaneously as if you will live another hundred years or die in the next breath.

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