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May Everyone Experience the Blessing of Easter Every Day

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I have always been fascinated by Easter and it is my favourite holiday.  For me, Easter is about crucifixion and resurrection and infinite potential.  And these possibilities are there for us every moment of every day.

The crucifixion I am referring to is the dying away of our ego moment by moment.  The resurrection is the rebirth we experience when we have freed ourselves from old patterns.  The infinite potential is the potential that exists in every new moment where we are fully present, to this moment.  And being fully present means not wanting this moment to be anything different than it is; to merely accept each moment with an open heart and an open mind.

In so doing, the Universe opens up for us, ideas come from seemingly nowhere, problems are solved with ease, serendipity is everywhere, and we feel increasingly at ease.  That is what it is to allow ourselves to die and be reborn moment by moment, anew.

This is true freedom.  May it be yours, always.
Happy Easter to everyone!

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