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Discovering Your Life Purpose

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In the previous Blog, I suggested that as humans, our life purpose is to refine consciousness.   And I defined the refinement of consciousness as the process of becoming more and more aware and present, moment by moment, regardless of circumstances.  In fact, when this happens, we notice an enormous transformation in our lives.  We approach life differently.  We become more conscious of everyone and everything around us.  And we become aware of how we impact others.  It is empowering to be present and aware.  It makes us feel alive and full of wonder.

At the same time, there may be a nagging sense that we are here to do something, something we may not have not yet discovered.  This can be unsettling.  In fact, the more we press to know, the more confused we may become. In Mindful Leadership: The 9 Ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself and Inspiring Others, I devote an entire chapter to a process one can follow, to arrive at discovering one’s purpose.  If this is something you are pondering, I would suggest going through the exercises in the chapter.  Take your time and reflect, no need to rush the process.  Often ideas will crystallize as you reflect on your life to date.

Here are some things you might consider.  When you are putting your life purpose into action, it should feel joyful, exciting, and fun.  You might even call it a passion.  The hours seem to fly by as you engage in what you are doing.  It will likely feel effortless.  This is not to say it is easy or does not require work.  You may be working harder than you have ever worked.  But, you love it! You are using what you might call your gifts, things you do very well, and for which you may have a knack.

And finally, there is almost without exception, a sense of being of service.  In the process, we feel we are contributing and making our corner of the world, however we define this, a better place.  And it just feels right. Finally, we feel we have come home.  In reality and ultimately, it is a journey of self-discovery.  When we arrive at that place, we feel comfortable in our skin and at peace within ourselves.

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